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Freedom vs. the Firewall (The Washington Post)

The Senate can help fend off authoritarian censorship.

Senate to Hillary: Support Cyber-Dissidents (The Wall Street Journal)


"the most important of these groups is the Global Internet Freedom Consortium (GIF), whose software has been critical in Iran. During the protests of June 20 alone, more than one million Iranians used GIF tools to visit 390 million pages on the uncensored Internet."

Counterfeit Cisco Networking Equipment Imported from China

Authorities find more than $78 million worth of counterfeit Cisco Systems networking equipment in an ongoing investigation into imports from China


Journey to the Heart of Internet Censorship

To maintain its grip on power, the Communist Party of China (CPC) monitors the Internet by means of a skilful mix of filtering technologies, cyberpolice surveillance and propaganda, in all of which China invests massively. Draconian censorship hunts down anything to do with human rights, democracy and freedom of belief. It nips free expression in the bud.


Burmese Found Virtual Underground Railroad to Escape Internet Censorship

Tuesday October 9, 2007  

Source: The Global Internet Freedom Consortium


ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Global Internet Freedom Consortium (GIF) announced today that their anti-censorship infrastructure is gaining popularity among Burmese web surfers, enabling them to circumvent Internet censorship amid the recent crackdown by the Myanmar military junta. 

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